Beautiful surroundings

               It’s Spring! My area’s spring has been unusually cool and wet, and besides loving the cooler weather, I have enjoyed seeing my bulbs bloom, my lilac bushes blossom, and all the trees and bushes covered in new leaves. Recently I have enjoyed re-reading Roses Love Garlic by Louise Riotte, a delightful book rich with information about companion planting, flower lore, and gardening techniques. Inspired by this book, I have decided to add more flowering shrubs and perennial plants to my lawn for enduring, economical, and elegant landscaping.

               Over the winter I acquired three new varieties of miniature roses which I transplanted near my original miniature rosebush in a circle bed under the lovely branches of my willow tree.

               My next project was digging up and dividing all of my bulb flowers, many of which had stopped blooming because the bulbs had become too crowded underground. I was surprised to find that the single tulip bulbs I had planted in the fall of ’11 had multiplied into five to eight bulbs each! This autumn I plan to form some new beds and re-plant all my tulips, crocuses, irises, daffodils, and lilies. Ms. Riotte’s book suggested that these bulbs look even more marvelous surrounded by ground cover flowers, so I may try that when creating the new beds.

               As my blackberry bush has tripled in size since last summer, it is now leaning on a sturdy six foot scrollwork trellis. I am looking forward to having the delicious berries to prepare and eat!

               My final spring project was to put the finishing touches on my new backyard pond. I have long wanted a Japanese maple, and after reading through Roses Love Garlic I decided on both the jasmine and quince bushes. I have often read of the sensually sweet fragrance of jasmine’s blossoms and just knew I had to have one. Though I had never heard of quince before reading my flower lore book, I learned that it is a member of the rose family whose Oriental-like flowers are excellent for arrangements. It also produces a golden, pear-shaped fruit that is edible when cooked. Imagine my delight to find all three of these bushes and shrubs at my local home improvement store! I also picked up a couple of gorgeous dark green spreading mosses to plant on the miniature waterfall, and now the exterior pond landscaping is complete. I plan to place the water plants in next month after it is warmer, and then the pond will be picture perfect.

               The refined, elegant woman both appreciates and cultivates beauty all around her. What have your spring beautification projects been, dear readers?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful surroundings

  1. Your garden sounds lovely, please post a picture when all is finished.

    My spring projects have been cleaning in the apartment, as well as printing out pictures to be framed and hung.


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