Many girls and women dream of living in 19th century England along with Jane Austen’s characters, being surrounded by the breathtaking views of Prince Edward Island along with Anne Shirley, or having the storybook romance described in “The Notebook.” Some may dream so much that they begin to waste away their own lives subsisting on mental fantasies instead of realizing that their own life is theirs to live, enrich, and make beautiful. My goal in writing this blog is to encourage & educate every woman, the woman who you are.
               This blog was born out of a desire to chronicle my journey toward elegance, sophistication, and good manners. My topics encompass everything that I have learned and experienced over the years in my quest to become more refined, better educated, happier, and more fulfilled in my life. In some ways, I am glad that circumstances have left me very average for now, without the inconvenience of excessive fame, fortune, learning, or opportunities to blind me to the truth of my own character and inner being. It was my quest for happiness and completeness that started me on the slow journey of pursuing the finer things in life. At this point, I have mostly begun acquiring inward qualities and habits, though my growing appreciation for beauty and quality has also begun spreading into my home.
               It seems to me that many of the etiquette books, blogs, websites, and pamphlets I have read apply to people of at least some means, the more the better, who move in well-educated circles with at least one college degree per adult, in socially developed areas such as larger cities or refined large towns in areas of deep culturally refined roots. However, the opportunity to be properly introduced to someone important, dine in the presence of fine company, or attend elegant social functions rarely presents itself to the lower working class in rural areas and the suburbs of smaller cities; thus, sometimes it seems one can go a whole day and encounter no other opportunity to utilize one’s manners save those cases in which one has to demonstrate graciousness in the face of rudeness.
               All my life I was taught what not to do but never given the alternate examples of what to do. Therefore I was told about many things that were wrong, including the extreme standards of the fundamentalist movement, from which I have gradually stepped away. Though my standards eventually relaxed, I always retained a solid moral grounding and a desire to do and be well. But as a young woman I felt like life was a list of dos and don’ts, mainly don’ts.
               Thus, for the past few years I have been on a quest to find out what it is that is socially acceptable, good, pleasant, enduring, built of true good character—in short, what it is that I should do along with those things that I should not do. I have always been a lover of beauty, seeing it even in small, poor, obscure areas, and have sought to surround my life with beauty, elegance, and sophistication. I love education and opening my mind to absorb new concepts to apply to my worldview, thus expanding and enriching my experiences through life. This blog is born out of my desire to document my journey as I learn and emulate what makes a woman well-bred, well-educated, refined, elegant, and lovely.

If I could have any bumper sticker, it would say, “Live the life you have.”


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful, beautiful blog! I have just stumbled across your blog after finding the referral on my website, Grace & Poise. Keep up the wonderful work – I’ll be visiting again! xx


  2. Wonderful words from the apostle Paul. I am going to read Romans 12 everyday until it is a part of my soul. A heartfelt thank you Tabitha.


  3. Thank you for your encouraging, thought -felt reminders telling us to be our best. I just discovered you, and will miss you dearly. Blessing and good wishes from a sister!


    • I am reconsidering my decision; it is just that things are going wrong in many ways in my life, and I fear that I am holding myself as some sort of example through my blog that I am not able to live up to. But truly it was only meant to be a record of my journey, and I do not want quit just because the going is rough right now.


      • Pardon my intrusion on this thread but I’m sorry to hear that you are discouraged right now – I will pray for you. Of course you are not perfect, but you have a lot of worthwhile and encouraging things to say so I’m glad you are reconsidering the closing of this blog! Best wishes, Sarah

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  4. There is a window, when children are small, of time for certain things and not others. Then they get a little older and time needs change, and then they change again. (I have 3 under 10). Just when I think I’ve figured out a schedule whereby my life will “work” and be balanced, it changes. My mother’s most correct statement: children need you even more as they get older. Not so labor (physical labor) intensive, though. Grant yourself peace if you need to put things on hold for awhile. I LOVE your blog and would be happy with even annual posts, maybe quarterly?

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