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               Do you have a question concerning manners, mores, social graces, lifestyles, relationships, personal development, health and beauty, or something else in line with the topics discussed here at WBWIP?   Simply fill out the form below, and I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability.  Excluding personal details, I may publish my answer as a future blog post.   I will never share your email address, name, or any other personal information.


2 thoughts on “Ask a question

  1. I have been trying to puzzle out an answer to a recent situation and I am having no luck. Hopefully you can help.

    A coworker sent me a friend request on Facebook. I am friends with several coworkers which is how I suspect she found my profile. I do not want to accept her request. She is mean spirited, toxic individual who enjoys being the center of the drama she creates, finding an enemy to fight and even inventing them if needed. She has spread malicious gossip about several of my coworkers being prejudiced against certain groups and races. I do not wish to associate with this woman. How can I handle the situation in the most diplomatic, genteel and well bred way?


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