Definition of a well-bred woman

The well-bred woman is elegant, classy, and sophisticated, having impeccable manners.
She feels confident, not awkward, having been taught the appropriate social graces and responses in any given place.
She respects all people and graciously submits to authority.
She considers the feelings and needs of others, putting them before herself.
She enjoys entertaining others properly.

The well-bred woman is guided by a deep moral foundation upon which she builds her daily actions, knowing that it is the cumulative affect of day-to-day life that either maintains or erodes such a foundation.
She understands that inner character surpasses outer charm, beauty, popularity, and wealth.
She seeks to build and not destroy.
She devotedly pursues whatever role or position she has attained in life.
She takes time to better the world around her.

The well-bred woman values quality above quantity, modeling her life around this principle.
She maintains her household and possessions well.
She carefully maintains her appearance.
She is creative and thrifty, both using what she has well and making wise purchases.
She pursues worthy hobbies in order to enrich both herself and others.

The well-bred woman is generous and kind.
She seeks and appreciates all things lovely and beautiful.
She beautifies her surroundings.
She is charming, pleasing, and radiant.
Her inner joy is evident through her countenance.

The well-bred woman seeks wisdom and knowledge, opening and expanding her mind to new concepts.
She is well-read and continues to learn throughout life.
She teaches others by example.
She faithfully maintains her relationships with her family, friends, neighborhood, church, town, and society at large.
She aims to leave a legacy for others when life is over.


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