Personal conduct code

               PCC. When I was a kid, it stood for Pensacola Christian College, a college my mother declared I was never allowed to attend based on her experience there.  These days, I use it to denote my personal conduct code, and it stands for all the little ways that I have.  There are so many things in life that aren’t right or wrong, but you have to make a choice in how to behave.  Today I was thinking about some of my “standards” and thought I’d pass along a few.  These choices I’ve made don’t make me better than anyone else.  Often the decisions we make in life are like choosing a chocolate milkshake over a strawberry one;  it’s not better, just different.  That said, I feel that the decisions I’ve made for my life are based on the intimate knowledge I have about both the subject in question and what is best for me.  I think it’s important that any well bred woman in progress gain the knowledge and wisdom she needs to make everyday decisions in a manner that best suits her lifestyle.  Here are some of mine.

               I don’t celebrate Halloween.  I would say it was because I’m a Christian,  but there are many Christians who have no such conviction.  However, I personally don’t like it and don’t see a way for me to participate that also brings glory to God.  So our family skips it.
               I refuse to hear gossip that doesn’t pertain to me directly.  Do I wish I could say I never participate in gossip? Sure, but that would be a long way from the truth.  But if someone begins to tell me something completely unrelated to me or mine, I interrupt as soon as possible and ask that they not fill me in.  It’s just not my “need to know.”
               I vet rumors.  The other day someone told me that they saw on Facebook there was a lawsuit in Tennessee against a public school in which kids had been forced to convert to Islam.  Thinking that sounded rather extreme, even for open minded America, I looked it up.  In a cursory Google search, I found not only no evidence of a lawsuit against a school, but also statements from school administers that sounded like students were, at most, learning about Islam along with other world religions.  So I wrote that rumor off as unfounded. (People lose sleep over the craziest things!)
               Once denied, never again invited.  If I invite someone over to the house, and there is a sincere lack of effort on their part to accept the invitation (even if dates need to be reworked or something), or if they outright turn it down, I don’t invite them again for anything.  It’s one thing to turn down an invitation because you were busy, but if you imply no interest in coming, I won’t keep asking.  That’s just my thing.
               I write emails old fashioned letter style with a “Dear” and a “Sincerely.”  And I hope my brain isn’t on autopilot when I write to the utilities company right after a relative…and wind up with a “love” in my signature.
               I don’t ever discuss my weight or my husband in a group of women or with non-relatives.  For the first topic, because I want to retain some mystery and not appear too easily intimate, and for the second, to show respect for my husband which also shows respect for myself and draws respect from others.
               I don’t share details about my children with strangers.  Really, do I have to give a reason for this?
               Which brings me to my last point:  I don’t give reasons to people who don’t need them.  Unless it’s law enforcement or someone who is specifically hired to vet my statements, like a loan officer, I don’t feel obligated to explain stuff.  I explain it on here because i try to use myself as an example to make the point of the blog.  But to all the Christians who think I’m too conservative, the home schoolers who think I’m too structured, the parents who think I’m too strict, and the crowd who thinks I’m too liberal, I just don’t owe them an explanation.
               Thank you for reading;  do share your personal conduct codes in the comments if you want!

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