Soft summer wardrobe replenishment from Goodwill

               When I was a young teenager, my mother gave me a copy of Carole Jackson’s “Color Me Beautiful” book about seasonal color analysis. I was fascinated by the subject and quickly categorized myself as a “Summer.” A decade later I resume reading on the subject and found that the original four season theory had been further developed and expanded by several modern color analysis pioneers. For my birthday a few years ago, I had a professional color analysis done and received the official diagnosis of “Soft Summer.” At first I resisted the colors given to me because they looked a bit dull on the swatch, but when I actually tried wearing them the difference they made on me was astounding. Because my coloring is so soft and light, in the wrong colors my skin tends to look white, red, or yellow, and my hair often looked gray even though I have no gray hairs yet. The right colors make my skin look peachy pink and my hair looks brown. It isn’t the most striking coloring women have been blessed with, but it works when I wear the right colors. After four pregnancies my body shape has changed quite a bit; combine that with owning practically nothing in my suitable color range and I have a very good excuse to go shopping!

               My current spring/summer wardrobe, not including two pairs of jeans, one pair of shorts, and two tees:

               (It’s small and sad and half of it is outerwear.)

               I am in desperate need of tshirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, and a blazer/jacket. So pretty much everything except jeans! For the past month I have scoured my local mall but practically everything, even in the higher end and classic type stores, was trendy. And most of the trends thus far in 2015 are not my style! So yesterday I went to Goodwill hoping to find treasure. I got 6 t-shirts and a pair of shorts. They were reasonably priced and they all matched or coordinated with my color swatch perfectly! I was super excited! Since a lot of the “Soft Summer” collections and items I’ve seen on Pinterest and Polyvore look nothing like the colors on my swatch, I wanted to share a picture of what I got in natural lighting (sunlight through a window) in case it resonates with any of my readers who have similar coloring.

               My loot:

               At first I felt awkward shopping with a swatch–I am pretty sure seven different people gave me the “you are a weirdo” eye–but the satisfaction of knowing that I bought stuff that not only just works but also looks great on me, even second hand tees, was worth the awkwardness of shopping with a swatch at a store where many people aren’t so picky. The other great thing about shopping at Goodwill was that the items were arranged by color, and being able to compare, say, 20 different shades of navy was helpful for determining which one matched or coordinated with the swatch most closely. At a different store, any given product may be offered in navy, pink, white, and yellow, which creates such a contrast that it’s easy to look at the navy one and think that since you have navy on your swatch, that must work–but it may actually be a green-navy, pink-navy, or brown-navy instead of the gray-navy you wanted (for soft summers).

               Have any of my readers had a color analysis done, or do you follow your own intuition of which colors make you look fab versus drab? I’d also love to hear your secret shopping strategies for looking your best. Anyone else shop second hand/consignment? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Soft summer wardrobe replenishment from Goodwill

  1. In the eighties I used Carole Jackson’s book to determine I am a summer. I can’t figure out if I am soft, cool or true summer with this new coding. Can you recommend a book to help me determine what type of summer I am?


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