Everyday elegance: the bed

               I have always liked doing things the fancy way and admire the look of things carefully arranged and beautifully displayed.   When I was in eleventh grade I dined at the Signature Room in Chicago and observed the individually folded hand towels in the elegant ladies’ restroom.   That inspired me to display my bathroom wash cloths rolled up in a basket on the counter instead of folded flat and kept out of sight in a drawer.   In the past I displayed dry goods in glass jars on the counter, although lately it has just been flour.   Although it will take me years of perfecting, I am pursuing the fascinating art of arranging my everyday items as part of my household decor.   It is also perfect for me as I have never been a fan of a lot of purely decorative, useless objects sitting around serving as decor.

               One of the areas I have struggled with since I married was making my bed.   Not that I was unwilling to do so, but after I would finish it, the bed would never look as nice as I thought it should.   After investing in down comforters, cotton sheets, and down pillows, I was sad that the bed just did not look as inviting and beautiful as it should.   Some days, I would not even make the bed because the results did not seem worth the effort!   Then last month when I was reading through a home decor magazine and thinking how unrealistic the staged beds looked, I realized that maybe the designers arrange them that way for a reason.   I learned to make a bed as a child, and it included pulling the covers up over the pillows with a fancy tuck under them.   While this method worked great for flat pillows and thin blankets, it did not with fluffy down accessories.   So I tried making the bed the way I saw it in the magazine: Sheet pulled up, comforter turned down a quarter to a third of the way down the bed, pillows standing up on edge arranged by color and pattern, and a throw blanket (in my case an afghan from my great grandma) at the foot of the bed for color and added sumptuousness.   The result?   My ordinary bed now looks, to me at least, like the fancy beds of magazines, warm, inviting, beautifully arranged–and it takes no longer to make!   I am glad to have added one more way to make my home beautiful without having to buy anything or adopt a complicated routine.

Fancy bed

               Do you like doing things the fancy way?   How do you incorporate this into your life?   How do you like to artfully arrange your possessions?   I love hearing your thoughts, and as always, thank you for reading The Well Bred Woman in Progress.


2 thoughts on “Everyday elegance: the bed

  1. Those childhood dining experiances can leave their mark; my aunt used to take me to the Walnut Room in Marshall Feilds. I think it influenced how I set the table, I always use a proper place setting.


    • I agree, those childhood experiences sear themselves in one’s memory, and children are prone to romanticize the ideal anyway. I want to take my children to fine dining establishments at least a few times as they grow, to plant that seed of refinement. 🙂 A couple years ago we all went to the Public House in Chattanooga; now that we’re up north, I think there will be many more opportunities to have an elegant dinner.


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