My well bred way – opportunity to guest post

               The least expected yet most wonderful outcome of this blog has been the community of people who have joined me along the way toward becoming a well bred woman in progress.  I have enjoyed hearing your insights into refined living, genteel manners, beautiful surroundings, and the fullness of life.  Truly, as iron sharpens iron, your words of encouragement and wise insights have furthered me on the path to well bred living.   The time has come to extend my platform to you, my cherished readers, to share with me your own journey to becoming refined, genteel, happy, and whole.  I would love for you to contact me via this page to share a story, be it ever so brief or long, of something that you have accomplished or are working toward in becoming the person you wish to be.  It can be a general lifestyle evolution or a specific area;  the guidelines are that it embodies the vision of this site and, most importantly, reflects a positive feeling on your part: a lesson learned or learning, a goal reached or reaching to, a new habit established or in the process of establishing.  As we strive for a deeper understanding of life daily, I wish to celebrate the journeys of all my readers, current and future, who would like to share.   The strength of a group is unparalleled, and the success of one is the success of her community and our world.  I will keep your personal information private:  if you wish to attach your name to your story, we will use first name only or another form acceptable to you.  If I wish to edit the material for clarity, length, or another reason I will finalize the draft with you via email before publishing. This is a public blog so anything you agree with me to post will be publicly visible and searchable, and I own the copyright to everything posted on the site although proper credit, within the bounds of privacy, will be rendered.  If you have your own blog and wish to post via it, please let me know in the contact form and we will make arrangements accordingly.  If you have been seeking a chance to share your thoughts on well bred living, I hope to hear from you!


What do you think?

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