The well bred woman’s wardrobe essentials

               What to wear? That is the question. Having read extensively upon wardrobe basics, fabric and fit, and color recommendations, I have developed a good mental picture over the years of what I would like to own in my “capsule” wardrobe. The key to remember is that there is no one size fits all; what one woman considers essential certainly will not be to another’s tastes, and despite what many articles claim, not all women look good in black or the color à la mode. While classic styles and shapes are rather universal, one should also keep in mind her individual body type and only choose clothing and colors that flatter her. Choosing high quality fabrics and well-fitted patterns are vital to creating a long lasting, classy wardrobe. The two main steps I have taken in the last year toward dressing elegantly have been to have my colors analyzed by a local seamstress and color analysis professional and to develop my own personal wish list of a wardrobe. I am sharing my wardrobe in progress here in hopes that it may inspire one who is looking for ideas for their own classic wardrobe. So far, I have about half of the things on this list, and my goal is to have it completed by age 40 (so I have some time!). Oh, and by the way, I am a Soft Summer. 🙂

The well bred woman's essential wardrobe

               Dear readers, have you begun a capsule wardrobe? What are some of your essential pieces? Do you feel that the majority of what you own can be mixed and matched, or do you stare at a closet full of seemingly nothing to wear? Would you like to read more articles on this topic? Thanks!


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