The supremacy of friendship

               Often women who are pursuing self-improvement in order to reach their life’s fullest potential have a list of ideal attributes they wish to strive for.   These could include goals such as:

Cooking organically from scratch
Mixing up homemade potions from fragrant herbs and sumptuous oils for anti-aging and beautifying effects
Having a beautiful, tastefully decorated home with elegant furnishings, lovely flowers, plants, garden, etc.
Forging a successful career doing a job she loves that adequately provides for her needs and makes a positive difference in the world
Possessing efficient home management skills;  a separate, perfectly kept guest suite;  and natural talent at hostessing dinners, parties, and other get-togethers
Being well read and literate, engaging in continual lifelong education, keeping her intellect stimulated
Being poised and smooth, with a ready answer in any situation, polished manners, and general confidence and ease in any situation
Becoming financially savvy with a clear plan for the future and wisely managing her resources
Keeping physically fit and active, with excellent health
Winning the affection of a valiant, strong man of excellent character and pursuing a stable relationship with him

               Many of these goals will be years in the realizing. And some may never fully be reached in one’s lifetime.   But if she achieves all these goals and has not experienced the love, sacrifice, and joy of true friendship, a woman will not feel complete.   Making and maintaining quality friendships based on mutual understanding and values is, perhaps, the simplest joy a woman can have.   And it is not exclusive to the wealthy, the aged, the mature, the scholarly, the physically fit, the uber-health conscious, the ageless beauty, or the famed entertainer.   Friendship can be had at any stage in life and can span years and the socio-economic scale.   It is most certainly the key to a delightful, enduring marriage.   Although she is in continual pursuit of her self-improvement and life goals, a well-bred woman in progress must not neglect the opportunity to form friendships in each stage of life, seeking a true friend as a treasure hunt, like finding the best wildflowers while walking in the meadow.   Even if one is not living in the neighborhood she intends to retire in, or if one knows for sure that life’s path will eventually lead her out of state or overseas to some new territory, she should savor each moment in the transitional stages of life and sweeten her day to day life with the effort and commitment to at least one quality friendship, or several. 🙂

               What are some challenges you face in making or maintaining friendships?   What is the best part of friendship?


What do you think?

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