Ways to be elegant

               Becoming an elegant woman has been a key component of my journey as a well-bred woman in progress. Searching for and implementing ways to become an elegant woman is popular among feminine women with a desire for self-improvement. However in order to successfully become elegant, a woman must go beyond an external set of ways to be and acquire an internal way of being. Therefore, elegance begins in the mind. There are so many ways to behave elegantly that I am sure I shall not cover them all in this post, nor, perhaps, discover them all in my lifetime! However, no matter where life takes a woman, an elegant mentality will guide her choices.

               First of all, an elegant woman recognizes true worth, value, and excellence. She recognizes herself to be a precious jewel privileged to shine upon those in her life. She acknowledges the intrinsic value of life, prefers quality over quantity, and has discriminating taste. These inner traits will manifest themselves in a wide way of external habits, including the following:

She speaks respectfully and kindly to all people, regardless of age, ideology or social standing

She takes time and spends money on the health, wellness, and beautification of herself and her family, knowing that good health and comeliness are priceless

She purchases mindfully and with discretion, buying the highest quality items possible within her means ands social standing

She values herself and seeks excellence in all things, including keeping her word, arriving on time, finishing her work, speaking the truth, pronouncing her language correctly, knowing her own mind, and having confidence

               Second, an elegant woman possesses inner grace, rhythm, and harmony. For the diverse population of American women, this does not necessarily mean that she has to be quiet, demure, or unobtrusive. Rather, she will fit perfectly within her environment, whether she is like a gentle cool breeze in a quiet meadow, a bubbling fountain that laughs as it splashes over its stones, or a mysterious salty ocean wave going back and forth with the tide. Some of the ways her grace expresses itself:

She is composed within her world, no matter what method of organization she adopts; she will come together and come through dependably

She is flexible and responds easily to situations, both familiar and out of the ordinary

She thinks the best of herself and everybody else, holding high standards but forgiving easily

She is unruffled and possesses inner peace, calm, and contentment.

She affords both herself and others second chances

She seeks out and adopts methods, ways, and habits that suit her lifestyle and personality

She complements her husband or partner, responding to his needs without being prompted

               Third, an elegant woman seeks beauty in all things. This can be manifested in myriads of ways, such as the following:

She practices good posture and she exercises in ways becoming to her femininity, such as dancing or yoga

She studies the art of housekeeping and maintains her surroundings, be they grand or humble, with dignity, order, and harmony

She beautifies her home in as many ways possible, keeping in mind that what she already owns can be artfully displayed or arranged without having to spend a penny on expensive home decor

She may choose to cultivate indoor or outdoor gardening as an expression of beauty and love

She dresses carefully and neatly, knowing that simpler is better, and strives never to look undone in public (messy hair, bare legs in winter, too much of anything exposed, scuffed shoes, lack of belt, etc.)

She appreciates art and music and incorporates these elements into her life

               The thing to remember is that an elegant woman is like the lovely mint plant: beautiful to behold, pleasant and practical, but coming in multiple flavors. mint plant

               I have my own ideas of ways to implement the elegant characteristics of appreciation for quality, graciousness, and beauty, but the actual ways will vary among women based upon their lifestyles and personalities. Truly elegant women recognize others with the same essence! The examples given above are some that I have adopted, and most will be explored in further depth in future blog posts. What are some ways you have begun expressing elegance in your life?

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4 thoughts on “Ways to be elegant

  1. That was a wonderful post! You spoke of a phenomenon that irks me to no end; woman wanting to be more elegant but only pursuing external improvements. Real elegance as well as grace, poise, loveliness and feminity bloom from within. You can not wear a flawless French manicure and think that’s all there is. As soon as such an aspiring lady speaks she gives herself away. A fantastic literary example of true elegance is A Little Princess. Sara Crewe has grace, poise, elegance and a seeming endless supply of kindness. She is considerate of all she encounters whether they be poor, unkind and slow or rich, caring and smart as she is. When her father passes away, leaving her destitute and a ward of her former school she remains just as caring, smart and elegant as she was.


    • Thanks for your persective, Meredith! It seems most paradoxical to me that some women only seek outer improvements without any thought to the inner beauty that precedes it. “A Little Princess” is one of my favorite movies! The first time I saw it, I was so glad it had a happy ending!


  2. Perfect words to live by! It does not matter if one has been blessed with money, status, education, etc. Any woman of any socioeconomic background or lifestyle has the power within herself to be an elegant, well bred woman. It is being at peace with ones self and ones surrounding. No one has the perfect life. We are all tested with countless trials and tribulations. No matter what chaos we are surrounded by, we take a deep breath, let it out, smile inside , and carry on! Be patient and kind to all, and make your little slice of the world better for having you in it!


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