Choosing good health through positive thinking

               The well-bred woman attends to her mental, physical, and spiritual health carefully and consistently, knowing that true health is achieved through a lifetime of proper choices.  She will pay attention to the work of dedicated scientists and experts who have studied the affects of certain choices upon one’s health, and will be ever seeking knowledge which she will integrate into her life. 

               The study of personality and personality disorders have always intrigued me.  I have read a little on the subject, but I have never subscribed to the pseudo-psychiatric theories of personality prediction, such as horoscopes or birth order studies.  I have always believed that no matter the circumstances, each person’s mind, body, personality, and life direction were under his own direct control.  The groundbreaking scientific research set forth in Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Who Switched Off My Brain? confirms my theory by proving scientifically that one’s thoughts direct one’s actions and bodily reactions throughout life.  Thus, a person’s personality is not destined to be predisposed via genetics, star sign, birth order, family history, or any other external factors.  External factors do influence the development of one’s personality, but so do the choices one makes internally as a result of those external factors.  We have often heard of someone’s personality changing as a result of a head injury or use of a certain drug or pharmaceutical, but did you know that the personality can also be changed from within?  According to Dr. Leaf, thinking toxic thoughts, the ones that stem from fear, create broken neuron connections, promote excessive harmful chemicals to be produced from the body’s hormone system, and form negative thinking cycles, which ultimately predict a person’s future reactions to a given situation while breaking down and destroying their memory.  By choosing to think the wrong thoughts, one can actually alter his brain structure and the structure of every cell in his body, destroying his mental and physical health.  Conversely, thinking nontoxic thoughts that stem from love can restore healing and proper chemical function in the body while rebuilding positive reactions and restoring memory in the brain.

               For anyone interested in personality traits or personality disorders, birth order, hormones, memory enhancement, Alzheimer’s disease, positive thinking, or positive affirmations, I would highly recommend you read this book and see for yourself the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual health.  The power a woman has to control this ought not be neglected!  If you read or have read this book, or other works by Dr. Leaf, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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